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On : 18 May 2018


Three guys for North Walsham, Norfolk, UK with a love of Rock ‘n’ Roll finally get it together and stick a ribbon on it! All three have been playing the local and national music scene constantly since childhood (and that’s a long time for some of us!). All three have been front men and vocalists of their own bands over the years and all three are multi-instrumentalists. All three have appeared on TV, Radio and CD and played in bands covering a variety of musical styles.


Ron Sayer and Wayne Beauchamp played together in the 1980s along with Dale Beauchamp in rock ‘n’ roll band “The Streamlines” and then again in the 1990s in another rock ‘n’ roll band “Dawg House” who had album releases in the UK and Germany on the Bone Tone and Vampirette labels along with many compilation albums.


Darly Blyth and Wayne spent many years playing together in the skiffle and bluegrass band “The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo” who had two commercial albums released on the Western Star & Vampirette labels along with many compilation albums. They then played together in the raucous rockabilly/punkabilly band “V8 Rumble” in more recent times who also had a commercial album released on German record label Vampirette.


Together Ron, Daryl & Wayne have played several gigs together under makeshift guises playing Rock ‘n’ Roll gigs in Norfolk and having loads of fun. You could say it was inevitable these three would give themselves a band name one day and take it a bit more seriously although “serious” has never really been a viable option for any of them!


Individually all three of them have clocked up some interesting (sometimes impressive) musical achievements, more information can be found here…


Ron Sayer Jnr – Guitar & Vocals

Daryl Blyth – Drums & Vocals

Wayne Beauchamp – Slap Bass & Vocals